hanwhaMicroCare je špičkou v oblasti rýchleho, účinného, bezpečného a nákladovo efektívneho čistenia dosiek plošných spojov počas výrobného procesu a procesu opráv na montážnej linke SMT. MicroCare by malo byť vašou prvou voľbou pri čistení elektroniky.

Vyberáme z ponuky:

Flux Removers

No Clean Flux Remover – VeriClean™ MCC-DC1

VeriClean No Clean Flux Remover cleans away no-clean fluxes and pastes Applications: Removes residue from no clean soldering fluxes and pastes Cleans other types of fluxes and pastes, organic residues and ionics Ideal for cleaning thru-hole and SMT designs, getting under BGA chips, and rinsing residue from connectors Good on oils, grease and many adhesives?

mc2Lead Free Flux Remover – PowerClean™ DCC-PW2

PowerClean Lead-Free Flux Remover removes hard-to-clean lead-free solders and fluxes Applications: Eliminates white residue commonly found with high temperature lead-free fluxes Use  for defluxing, degreasing, cleaning connectors, removing light oxides and cleaning flux-covered pallets Easily flushes away lead-free residue, oils, inks and acrylic conformal coatings. Best choice for cleaning during rework and repair because it?

Presaturated Wipes

Alcohol-Enhanced Flux Remover Presaturated Wipes – ProClean™ MCC-PROW

ProClean Presaturated Wipes are a  mixture of three alcohols offer the strongest cleaning Applications: Fast, strong cleaning on stencils, misprinted PCBs, tools and machinery Use ProClean™ Presaturated Wipes on tables, desks, benches and other surfaces The wipes remove any type of solder paste including rosin, OA, synthetics, lead-free and “no-cleans” Plus, they remove grime, fingerprints,?

SMT Maintenance Cleaners

mc4Aqueous Stencil Cleaner MCC-BGA

Effective Aqueous Stencil Cleaner reduces stencil damage caused by scrubbing Applications: Removes all types of raw solder pastes, uncured chip bonder and inks Cleans lead-free materials, plus many inks and epoxies Ideal for stencils, frames, boards and the stencil printer itself Cleans down inside the tiny apertures on BGA stencils Suitable for use in ultrasonic?

mc5Reflow Oven Cleaner MCC-ROC

The Reflow Oven Cleaner keeps ovens at their peak performance Applications: Ideal for preventative maintenance Melts away burned-on flux residues from SMT wave solder machines and reflow ovens Cleans solder pallets, baffles, heating elements, clamps, chains, drive gears and housings, wave fingers and heat exchange units Use in dip tanks and ultrasonic cleaners or with?

mc6TidyPen™ Glue Remover — The 60-Second Sticky Stuff Remover MCC-PEN

The pocket-sized TidyPen Glue Remover is a 60 second sticky stuff  remover Applications: Dissolves and lifts away labels, glues and adhesives of all kinds Great on almost any sticky residue Zips away adhesives, tape residues and pressure sensitive marking tags Works on paper labels, stickers, EPROM labels, Kapton® tape residue, bar code labels and price?

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