JBC, a worldwide top brand
Over 85 years of experience in soldering and rework equipment
Quick and effective service
Local offices and distributor network covering the 5 continents
jbc1The best technology
The JBC Exclusive Heating System increases in productivity
Constant product inovation
30% of the resources to R & D
Personalized soldering solutions
Customer feedback is our commitment

TOP 10 reasons for buying a JBC station

The key to successful hand soldering in a lead free area.

1. Soldering at lower temps
50ºC less than other brands

2. Fast temp recovery
350ºC in 2 seconds

3. Tip life x 5 times
Using sleep & hibernation features

4. Easy cartridge extraction
Save time and increase your productivity

5. Six different tools
Control unit accepts 6 tool changes


6. Over 400 cartridge shapes to suit all your
needs Tailor made models

7. Ergonomic and comfortable tools
Short tip‐to‐grip

8. User‐friendly menu
Over 20 parameters to personalize your station

9. Constant product innovation
Meeting customers’ soldering needs

10.Communication station ‐ PC.
Manage your work remotely.


The JBC Exclusive Heating System

The most efficient soldering process
Process for 3 solder joints

JBC Stations only drop 20ºC where others drop as much as 70ºC.

Quick temperature recovery, greater efficiency at work
Time to reach 350ºC.

JBC system can reach 350ºC in only 2 seconds while others need between 10 and 90 seconds.




The station aically reduces tip temperature to 180° when tool is placed in the stand.


The power supply id aically cut off when the programmed time in Sleep is over. The tip keeps at room temperature.

As the result , Tip life lasts up to 5 times longer


Factors that extend their life timejbc5

  • Working at minimum possible temperature
  • Thermally efficient tools
  • Use clean tips to improve thermal transfer.
  • Working at high temperature means higher ocidation, corrosion and deformation.



Compact Line

Everything you need in the minimum footprint


Modular Line

Build your own station according to your soldering needs. Combine modules to get your complete personalized set‐up

  • For a basic working system, you need 1 control unit, 1 stand, 1 tool and 1 cartridge
  • All the units incorporate the JBC exclusive heating system that increases work efficiency thanks to quick temperature recovery.


Rework stations

The RMSE / RMVE is the quickest and safest solution to solder and rework all kind of SMDs. It consists of stackable modules and all the necessary tools and accessories to make your job easier including, the DR560 Desoldering Iron, the T245 General Purpose Handle and the JT‐TA Hot Air Heater.


Nano Rework & Heavy Duty stations

The JBC’s Top products for extreme applications – 2 special stations to meet user’s micro and macro needs.

NANE/NASE Nano soldering and rework stations:
‐ designed for high precision hand soldering
‐ sleeves for greater control when working
‐ 2 cleaning and extraction sets

HDE Heavy duty station:
‐ ideal solution for hing thermal demands or prolonged soldering jobs e.g. producting of solar panels, multi‐layeres circuits and components od larfe dissipation surfaces)


TESE & JTSE Hot Air Stations

The best solutions for repairing all types of SMDs quickly and safely.


Average‐sized integrated QFP can be desoldered in 20 sec.

The new Hot Ari Stations offer complete control of rework process by using temperature and air flow profiles.


PCB Preheaters Sets

Reduces the risk of thermal shocking while reworking. 2 different JBC preheater sizes, 2 different preheating zones.

PHS – Infrared Preheater for small/medium PCBAs


PHB – Convection Preheater for medium/large PCBAs

Fume Extractors

A healthy workplace is not an option. For 1 or two workbenches.
2 separate aspiration inlets – it can be used simultaneously in two work areas.
High efficiency filter ( 99,95%).
Intelligent control when connected to the eExcellence range stations.


Cartridges & Tips

The widest range for achieving maximum heat transfer. Over 400 shapes of cartridges for your needs.

For soldering irons, tweezers, desoldering and aion.

For more information about cartridges click here : https://www.jbctools.com/cartridges‐category‐4.html

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